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Here you can find information about my scientific activities as Head of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research team belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the Spanish main public research institution. Cybermetrics Lab is working in the development of web indicators for describing and evaluating academic and research related contents and in the quantitative analysis of the processes of scholarly communication through the Internet.

Not long ago, even in developed countries it was difficult to have broad access to (printed) knowledge. When I was young in my birthplace in a small city of the North of Spain, I liked to spend spare time scanning the almost only source to universal knowledge available there, the Espasa, the world largest Encyclopedia. When I went to the University, there were small changes, as my target was Britannica, an encounter long time awaited. That granted me not only a new perspective, but also helped me to improve my English reading.

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